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Angkor Wat Sunrise Bayon Ta Prohm By Bike

Angkor Wat, Bayon, Baphoun ,Tanei and Taprohm,20 km cycling, every start at 4:30 in the morning.

Previously, We pick up all of you at 4:40 am to buy the ticket and then head to Angkor Wat complex of largest monument in the world with masterpiece of scriptures of Hinduism legends that belonged to one of seven finest world heritages and Then Angkor Thom south gate which is the city of gods in Khmer empire for ancient dam surrounded lost areas in the past.After that, we relax for breakfast in front of Angkor Wat .Next, we bike to South gate of Angkor Thom.In additionally, bike to Bayon Temple as many faces on 4 side of towers for Maha Yana Buddhism who represent 4 noble mind of Buddha in deep heart smiles and peaceful icons. Ta Nei as built by Jaya varman VII that dedicated to his ancestor for Buddhist monastery with giant trees grow up on roof and enclosures or we hear the natural songs from our bird and insects Thirdly, we go on to Ta prohm as Tomb raider for the king mother or the ancient university of Buddhism with anaconda  trees on the galleries to sandstone block along the cicadas song or parrots on peak of trees around the temple enclosures. Lastly, we back to the hotel for your own time.

The tour includes: Mountain bike suit to your size, helmet,lunch at local restaurant , water ,Fruit snack, English speaking guide and free pick up  or transfer to hotel.

Some conducts: Please, wear good shoes without scandals. If you want to the 3rd floor of Angkor Wat, you must dress the shorts that tears down to your knees and the shirt cover you shoulder.