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Preak Tol Bird Watching by boat

In the dawn morning, we drive to the village paths along people vegetable gardens , children smiles and rice field and then head to the Me Chrey dock as as features absurdities such as small kids sporting huge water snakes and so-called crocodiles farms which in reality are small ponds where dozens of crocodiles are crammed together. Anyway, we scan on two village for Khmer and Vietnamese village of those schools along the channel or floating market and kids are waving to you with their fresh smiles.

Secondly , we ride on the boat to Prek Toal bird sanctuary as is one of three biospheres on the Tonlé Sap lake, and this stunning bird sanctuary makes it the most worthwhile and straightforward of the three to visit. It’s an ornithologist’s fantasy, with a significant number of rare breeds gathered in one small area, including the huge lesser and greater adjutant storks, the milky stork and the spot-billed pelican. Even the uninitiated will be impressed, as these birds have a huge wingspan and build enormous nests. During the peak season (December to early February) visitors will find the concentration of birds like something out of a Hitchcock film. As water starts to dry up elsewhere, the birds congregate here. The birds remain beyond February but the sanctuary becomes virtually inaccessible due to low water levels. It is also possible to visit from September, but the bird numbers may be lower. Serious watchers know that the best time to see birds is early morning or late afternoon and this means an early start or an overnight. we ride back the last


Tour Fee in USD
For 1-3 persons For 4-10 persons For 11-18 persons


  • English speaking tour guide
  • Car / Van with air-condition
  • Cool pure drinking water
  • boat ticket
  • bird sanctuary ticket