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The South-West Countryside of Siem Reap( 2 people up)

The South-West Countryside of Siem Reap

8:00am daily, 60km, riding mountain bike along the way seeing vegetable grown, haycock, local market (tasting local cake), daily village life and a Buddhist temple with hand drawings on the wall. After that, we will reach Mechrey (a part of Tonle Sap), where you can see a very large surface of low-lying land of Tonle Sap Lake with thousands of birds landing for food, a big crowd of water buffaloes and cows. It’s also the place where people plant the dry-season rice (with the activities of sowing and reaping the crops). Go for a boat tour*(fish-pace making, crocodile farm, floating village) and return to town around 5pm. 


*Boat tour is optional 


85$/person (including cold water, lunch, English speaking tour guide)