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Chong Kneas Tour



Chong Kneas

A lot has been written about Chong Kneas already, so let’s just say that there are only a few reasons for which you would want to go there. Here’s an exclusive list for you:

  • Getting overcharged delights you
  • Scams in South East Asia is the topic for your next research essay
  • You’re craving Korean food.

Chong Kneas features absurdities such as small kids sporting huge water snakes and so-called crocodiles farms which in reality are small ponds where dozens of crocodiles are crammed together.  At some point, your boat will probably also stop by a “local shop” where it’ll be “strongly suggested” that you buy $60 rice bags “for the children”…

Last but not least, the locals do not get much from the money you’ll spend as the boat service, which is what you’re paying an entrance fee for ($30/person), is managed by a private company. As most visitors there come from Korea, the aforementioned company kindly built floating “local” restaurants that serve Korean food in case their main customers miss it.


If you want to read further about it, take a look at Trip Advisor’s page about Chong Kneas. At the time we are writing this, there were 101 reviews out of 166 that deemed the experience as “terrible” (one star).